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The Name Game

On March 17, 2000, we each filed a Decree Changing Name with the County of Alameda. Both of us appended the name "Dandenell" to our legal names. The name is an homage to Karl's Swedish ancestors and relatives, particularly his gamla mormor (maternal grandmother), Inga. Furthermore, changing our names solved the awkward question of "Whose name do we use after marriage?" Mine (Schlosser)? Hers (Fox)? We think that marriage should add something to your name, not simply replace it with a new one.

Karl is legally known as "Karl Gustav Schlosser Dandenell," and retains all copyrights to writing published under "Karl Schlosser" and "Karl Gustav Schlosser."

Elizabeth is legally known as "Elizabeth Hardy Fox Dandenell."

Karl and Elizabeth


The black and white photos that you'll find throughout this site were taken by Craig Merrill. We like him a lot.